28 March 2022FE Group 2021 retrospective

The FE Group has 40 years of industrial history. In a single year, countless events, novelties, deliveries and developments take place. We will try to summarize the most important points of the year 2021 in this article. A look back at a year in the life of FE Group.

France Elévateur infography 2021

In January, we start with a delivery

We rewind to 2021 and start with the heart of our business: a customer delivery. We have delivered the first 101 FCC.

The assembly on van L2H1 makes it possible to propose a length of loading increased by 40 cm while preserving an important maneuverability because of the truncated body thus limiting the back overhang.

  • large payload
  • Gross Combination Weight Rating retained
  • Performance in working height (9.6 m) and floor (7.6 m) and offset in line with telecom work (6.1 m)
  • Simplicity and low maintenance costs

FE Group in March

Movex by FE Group !

March 2021 will go down in the history of France Elévateur. FE Group acquired Movex, the market leader in Spain for aerial work platforms. The ambition to expand internationally has thus gained momentum.

This Catalan industry is renowned for its know-how, the quality of its products and the competitiveness of its production site. A 6,000 sqm site allows them to produce 400 units per year.

By combining the strengths of each, FE Group is approaching a significant international scale. It is also expanding its offer to meet a market that is becoming more demanding and international.

The new TOPY

March also saw the delivery of the first new generation Topy, the TOPY 11. This first delivery concerned our customer REGIS LOC. in Avignon !

This latest generation of the emblematic range represents all the evolutions allowing an optimization of your work by a simplicity of use recognized on all the types of ground and for many activities.

Performance, reliability and economy are the foundations of this new TOPY 11.

April: Happy Birthday FE Deutschland!

The group celebrated the 10th anniversary of its subsidiary FE Deutschland in April!

“Exactly 10 years ago, our managing director Thomas Rammelt founded France Elévateur Deutschland GmbH. With a lot of commitment, sweat and heart.

Thanks to the support of our customers and the friends and colleagues of France Elévateur in France, we are proud to celebrate this anniversary.”

A new delivery in May

In May, we delivered the very first 121 FTon Ford: our bestseller is also on Ford Transit!

Initiator of the 3t5 van concept since 1980, this model has never stopped evolving according to the market needs. It is now the best-seller in the telecom and public lighting markets.

  • Working height and offset performance
  • Use without stabilizer 9
  • Large cargo volume 8
  • Numerous options adapted to each sector of activity

In June, event and expansion

Les Journées Du Levage

FE group was in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, in Beaune, from June 23 to 25 for the JDL exhibition. After another successful edition in 2020, the event was back for the summer of 2021. Of course, we couldn’t miss this meeting between professionals. The JDL is one of the leading European exhibitions for the lifting industry.

For the event, which was blowing out its 10th candle, the year 2021 was synonymous with record attendance with 13,400 visitors!

And for France Elévateur, JDL 2021 marks the first time we have exhibited a vehicle from our subsidiary Movex.

Construction of the new parking lot

The objective was to increase our storage capacity. The construction of a parking loton the Flavigny-sur-Moselle production site was completed last June. 300 new seats were needed to support the group’s growth!

Happy vacations to FE Group and to our customers!

Before leaving for a well-deserved summer vacation, a meal was organized and offered to the employees of the Flavigny-sur-Moselle plant to celebrate the annual closure. During this friendly exchange, the past and the future were mixed. A retrospective of the year was prepared and distributed to the team; and the prospects for the company’s evolution were also discussed.

The undisputed month of events and exhibitions: FE in September

The FE teams wouldn’t miss a trade show for the world, these gatherings that allow us to meet other industry professionals, but also customers. We take great pleasure in making you discover and test our vehicles, old classics or our novelties.


Our Belgian subsidiary and the export team were present at Matexpo from September 8 to 12, in Kortrijk. This is an event that takes place every two years in Kortrijk Xpo. It is the third largest construction equipment show in Europe. More than 40,000 visitors attend each edition.

Les Platformers’ Days

The FE group, through FE Deutschland, was present at the Platformers’ Days in Karlsruhe, Germany, on September 10 and 11, in parallel to Matexpo. When we tell you that we do everything to not miss any!

Several AWPs were on display, including our famous 4 Axe’T.

The exhibition space has doubled compared to the last edition. This allowed many exhibitors to occupy more space to place more vehicles and machines. Innovation had its place in Karlsruhe!

The next edition will also take place in 2023.


Dedicated to railway machines and works on rails, the Mecateameetings allow us to put forward our specific machines. Two of our railway machines, the 4’Axe’T and the Vor’Axe were exhibited at the 5th edition of the Mecateammeetings from 22 to 24 September 2021.

Inauguration of the after sales service agency in Salon de Provence

About ten years ago, France Elévateur decided to expand in France by offering its customers the possibility of using the after-sales services of agencies located throughout the country.

The Salon de Provence agency is one of the satellites that enable FE to be present throughout France. More than 90 participants took part in the inauguration of this after-sales service agency on September 23, following extensive renovation work in the offices and factory.

We couldn’t miss this opportunity to exhibit our vehicles.

A renovated agency is an improved workplace for employees and a warmer place for customers.

The GIS in October

Che gioia! The GIS from October 7 to 9 allowed a meeting of all the subsidiaries of the group, France Elévateur, FE Benelux and FE Deutschland, in Piacenza, Italy.

Cranes, aerial work platforms, telescopic handlers and other industrial handling and transport equipment were deployed during the Italian days of lifting and exceptional transport.

Event and expansion in November

FE Group in Spain

The FE Group team was present at the SMOPYC trade fair from 17 to 20 November in Zaragoza, Spain, one of the main events in the construction sector.

Construction of a modular building

The factory keeps growing all year long!

To expand the factory, the company decided to build a separate modular building. We now have a space of 1,800 sqm at our disposal to increase our production capacity.

And in December, at the end of the year?

Happy holidays to the FE family!

To thank our employees for their great work, their investment and their motivation which allowed them to participate in all the events presented in this article and in all the developments of the company, France Elévateur has planned gift boxes for all. In all agencies! The distribution of these packages took place in early December. The management has handed out more than 450 boxes throughout Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Belgium).

Our trusted partner’s day: the CTE Day

On December 9th, the FE Group welcomed more than thirty customers from all over Europe in order to show them the new aerial work platform of our partner CTE: the MP24C.

Other models from the CTE range were exhibited: the B23, the B27 (aluminum basket and fiber basket), or the B20J, Z20.4 and B18.

New FEB premises

Our Belgian subsidiary has moved to brand new premises and will now be located at 22b rue Terre à Briques 7522 Marquain (Tournai).

The year 2021 was favourable to the renewal of premises and factories, but also and above all to development: acquisition of a prosperous company, international expansion, enlargement of the various locations in Flavigny sur Moselle… This growth was accompanied and punctuated by numerous events that allowed us to mix with professionals in this industry that we are passionate about. Again, a huge and sincere THANK YOU to the entire FE team and to all our customers, old and new, loyal and promising. May 2022 bring more surprises and innovations!

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