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We recruit in different business areas, and have asked our talented employees to tell you all about them.

Mechanic Mounir

“My work consists in carrying out work on the whole bottom part of France Elévateur vehicles. Hydraulic mechanics is my main job.”

I joined the company in June 2018 and there are many opportunities for career development.

Mechanic France Élévateur
Electrical kitting supervisor France Élévateur

Electrical kitting pilot Karine

“In my job, I am responsible for monitoring the production schedule and keeping track of the various material orders to anticipate any shortages that might delay our electrical work. I am mainly in charge of supervision and I sometimes work on the production according to the needs.”

I have been at France Elévateur since 2009 and my current position as a pilot consists of supporting the team leader by working as an assistant.

I started at France Elévateur as a temporary worker in 2011. Today, I'm responsible of a team of about 20 people.

Team leader "Boom" sector Mikaël

“After I was hired, I quickly became the pilot of a sector in production, i.e. assistant to the team leader
In my current sector, we take care of all the upper part of the machines. The constitution of the turrets, arms and baskets is our main mission”.

Sales support France Élévateur

Sales support Virginie

“As a member of the design office, I work directly with the sales team to create technical documents detailing the composition of our vehicles. It’s a kind of user manual that lists all the parts used. These catalogs are options that we offer to our customers. My basic training is as a layout artist and I work mainly with software such as Composer and Indesign”.

I have been working at France Elévateur since 2013 and my missions are very varied and extensive.

Electrical technician Yohann

“I work as an electrical technician in the sector of specific machines. My daily missions consist in wiring the machines, putting them into service, adjusting the sensors, the pressure or the speed according to the options requested by the customer. I have been working at France Elévateur since 2010”.

Electrical technician France Élévateur

There are 20 of us in the team and our job is to "start-up" the special vehicles.

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