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France Elévateur wants to retain its talented employees, to see them grow and prosper, so that together we can reach new heights !

Passion and commitment

More than 300 passionate and committed employees are a part of a world were innovation and quality are considered as priority no.1 for our development in order to design and build the aerial work platform of tomorrow. Because our know-how is based on the creativity of men and women active within France Elévateur, we are working every day to develop the skills of our team (through training, mentoring, work-study programmes, etc.) and stick to the company needs.

As people are at the core of our company values, we do everything necessary to enable you to grow and develop your skills and commands at each step of your career.
Our HR policy is also based on employees’ respect and their diversity, everybody also deserves equal opportunities. The aim is to give all our employees the possibility to show what they are able to achieve in the best adequate conditions.

Quality work at France ELEVATEUR

A healthy environment

Quality of life at work is an important topic for France Elévateur. It enables all our employees to flourish and to find a balance between their professional and private lives. We work on a daily basis to improve our employees’ working conditions.

Our managerial methods consist of being perfect in terms of ethics, social performance and safety. To reach this goal, continuous communication with our employees is put into force for regularly questioning our performance, but above all for moving in the right direction.

Apprenticeships and work-study programmes

In order to support the company’s projects and help young people to be integrated into the daily work life and acquire know-how, we welcome students through apprenticeships or internships. From the C.Q.P.M. : A qualification contract in parity with metallurgy to Master level, all students who would like to learn more about industry are welcome !

Disability policy

In the context of diversity, we are committed to opening up our company to people with disabilities through direct recruitment but also by subcontracting the manufacture of certain parts of our AWPs to ESATs (French organizations that help disabled people back into work). Thus, each year, 5% of our direct employment rate and 4.2% of our raw material purchases are entrusted to ESATs. In addition, electrical components are subcontracted to an ESAT for 17% of our purchasing volume.

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