Innovation and our design officeInnovation is the driving force of our experts!

France Elévateur,
a technical benchmark
in the sector!

As the primary foundation of our development strategy, innovation is the fuel that elevates us and compels us to surpass ourselves.

Over time and through challenges, France Elévateur has become one of the technical references in the sector. The advantage we’ve always held is the result of constantly paying attention to the most diverse developments in the market and for the restrictions our customers meet during their daily operations.

Our research department consists out of scientists who maintain a strong relationship with universities, laboratories and think tanks, keep an eye on technological and regulatory developments in order to create the machine of tomorrow.

A combination of ecology, connectivity, predictivity and new technologies.

Research & Development:
10 significant developments!

Since its creation, innovation has been part of France Elévateur’s DNA. We evolve by making our customers' dreams come true. Among countless achievements, 10 developments have had a long-lasting impact on our market:

1980The tubular frame

As soon as it arrived on the market in 1980, France Elévateur made an impression by offering its aerial work platforms with tubular frames to replace the common pedestal, thus making it possible to conserve 90% of the interior volume while providing unobstructed access through the side door.
This device is still in use on a part of the aerial work platform range.

1990The full-opening basket

In 1990, the appearance of the full-opening basket revolutionized the health of aerial work platform operators. Indeed, this ergonomic detail allows the possibility of “standing person” access to the workstation basket.
This invention, which completely redesigned the structure of the basket, has today become a standard replacing the historical “manhole”.

1994The “cutaway” of vans

In 1994, the EDF (electricity supplier) market wanted a compact and easy-to-handle truck. So France Elévateur envisaged cutting away the vehicle’s rear bodywork in order to reduce the overhang, thus giving rise to the audacious concept of “cutaway” van, which is very popular with professionals working in urban areas.

1998The TOPY 8

A micro aerial work platform launched in 1998 following a review conducted with France Telecom after changes to the labour code prohibiting foot-ladder working at more than 2 m off the ground.

2000The “Green platform” label for aerial work platforms

At the beginning of the 2000s, the ecological problem was already very present in the minds of major corporations. So France Elévateur created the “GREEN ENERGY” label, which enables specialists working at heights to be lifted electrically and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the machine.
This concept has now become an optimised standard thanks to the existence of 100% electric vehicles.

2013ATBI self-propelled aerial device for live-line maintenance in TRE 400 kV substation

Based on the experience of the 172TBI aerial work platform, a new revolution for the maintenance of 400 kV substations emerged in 2013 with the self-propelled ATBI .
In addition to its insulation at 400 kV, for the first time employees were able to control the positioning of the machine in the busbars, thanks to an isolated control system insensitive to the strong magnetic fields emanating from these voltages.
New patents highlight the solutions adopted for this machine, which is, once again, unique in the world.

2014The STOP and LIFT system

In 2014, we introduced the STOP and LIFT automatic management system for stopping (and restarting) the machine’s combustion engine while the operator is focused on their job. This gives a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and 20 t of CO2 per yearacross all France Elévateur aerial work platforms in operation.

2015091Fcce: 1st aerial work platform and its 100% electric vehicle built in France.

Presented at COP 21 at the end of December 2015, this machine gives life to the project imagined by FE: to offer the market urban machines equipped with a aerial work platform and its 100% electric carrier.
Since then, many other adaptations on 100% electric vehicles have complemented and perpetuated this innovation.

2020Weight-control guarantee

In recent years, the increase in the weight of road carriers due to anti-pollution constraints has given rise to a permanent search to reduce the weight of our equipment in order to provide maximum payload for transporting tools.
The “GUARANTEED ON WEIGHT” label ensures that the vehicle has the optimum weight/performance ratio and that its compliance has been approved by the certification authorities.

Constantly innovating

Our research and engineering office, located in Flavigny-sur-Moselle and comprising 25 experts, two of whom have PhDs in engineering, enables us to meticulously translate specific requests from customers in order to plan for efficient production in our workshops.

Innovation is at the heart of our development strategy, with the aim of remaining a technical leader and enabling us to remain competitive and dynamic.

It is the constant communication between all the parties involved, whether they are in production, in the methods department or in the research and engineering office, that opens the doors to efficiency.

The smallest details are transferred from the workshops to the technical departments so that the assembly is optimised and safe. In a word: perfect.

In addition, we have recognised international expertise in the manufacture of machines with insulated booms allowing live-line work from 20 kV to 725 kV.

All these aspects allow us to make a difference and to establish our identity and reputation.

In summary

38 years of experience

Design office with 25 experts

2 doctors of engineering

Specialist in live-line work from 20 kV to 725 kV

ISO 9001 quality certification

Range of eco-friendly aerial work platforms available