Our business?Experts in aerial work platforms

France Élévateur, experience for innovation

Nearly 40 years of know-how
13,000 machines produced
Up to a working height of 40m
We've climbed Everest with you many times!

Founded in 1984 near Nancy, France Elévateur is the first French manufacturer of aerial work platforms. The company offers its customers customised machines specifically designed for their business: public lighting, roofers, rental companies, railway networks, live works, telecom networks, etc.

France Elévateur is a partner that supports the daily life of its customers.

With a large research and engineering office, France Elévateur designs all its products in-house and allocates significant resources (5% of its turnover) to research and development.

France Elévateur is the only player in the aerial work platform market to offer its customers an integrated network of 11 after-sales service agencies throughout France, ensuring a very high level of responsiveness and specialist maintenance.

France Elévateur’s CSR approach is a hallmark of the company: green solutions for customers (electric aerial work platforms, retrofitting of old equipment), employee share ownership.

Our innovations

A French company

We are the only French manufacturer to assemble all the arms of our aerial work platform ourselves. A unique industrial know-how that contributes to the robustness and quality of our products.

A know-how that we intend to preserve!

All of our machines are assembled, adjusted and fine-tuned by dedicated and specialised teams at our French factory in Flavigny-sur-Moselle.

No subcontractors are involved in the mechanical pre-assembly phase. We have complete control of this aspect, which is the basis of our know-how and guarantees the quality of our products.

In addition to the quality control carried out at every stage of production, all our machines are tested by our Final Control, Pre-Shipment team (CFE), which inspects each machine step-by-step.

France Élévateur has never renounced its family dimension, which favors dialogue between everyone and short decision-making processes.

It is this solid foundation that allows us to develop our creativity, while offering the opportunity for self-fulfilment to everyone. Fellowship is the driving force behind France Elévateur’s inventiveness.

Human values and communication

France Elévateur stands apart from other companies due to its ambition to place people at the heart of its development strategy. Employees’ working conditions are always optimised in order to improve their well-being at work. The general atmosphere is intended to be positive and friendly, with internal communication constantly being improved and reviewed.

A low staff turnover with many employees present since the founding of France Elévateur proves our desire to preserve our expertise. Training is one of our fundamental development goals.

Our business lines


Adopting the principles of the Rio Earth Summit (1992), France Elévateur has defined the guidelines for its sustainable development actions. France Elévateur has made a number of commitments based on the Charter of the United Nations Global Compact, the aim of which is to ensure respect for the fundamental principles of respect for human rights, working conditions and the environment by means of communication between companies, United Nations agencies, the workforce and civil society.

In September 2014, France Elévateur committed to a social responsibility agreement, which applies to all companies in which we exercise direct control. It deals in particular with the monitoring of suppliers’ practices in terms of compliance with the law, employee health and safety, ethical behaviour with customers and respect for the environment.

Through this commitment, our company aims to strengthen the Group’s identity and, in particular, not to tolerate any violation of human rights, fraud or corruption in any of the Group’s companies or among our suppliers.

Our company has established a Sustainable Development Policy that it intends to apply in its various companies and promote among suppliers and subcontractors. In this charter, France Elévateur reinforces its own version of these group principles in the context of its relationship with its suppliers.

These commitments form the basis of our CSR strategy, which has led to concrete results, such as developing our relationships with local subcontractors (reducing our carbon footprint) or eliminating the use of plastic cups by providing personalised mugs to all our employees.

Our departments
& subsidiaries

These entities are part of the group, and each have their own role in supporting the activities of France Elévateur.

Representative company for FE Group products. In particular our manufacturer Movex, which has been part of the FE group since 2021. Representation of the CTE Italy equipment allowing a complement of range by proposing very powerful materials on VL (18 to 26 m) and of big height until 61 m. This relationship has been in place since 1996.

Since 2016, the manufacturer of France Élévateur’s aerial work platforms has been running its professional training centre, FE-Training. Its objective is to offer bespoke training courses that are more suited to the real constraints of users in terms of safety, technicality and maintenance.

This division is dedicated to railway equipment specially developed for the SNCF (French National Railways).

In 2012 we created FEB where a team of 6 people is responsible for the sales and after-sales service of France Elévateur and AB Services products in the BENELUX.
+ information: www.fe-b.be

Since June 2022, the FE Group has been acquired by the international Time Manufacturing Company.

The group is composed of a panel of brands allowing it to offer the most complete product catalog on the market.





Time Manufacturing Company was founded in 1965 in Waco, Texas, USA. Since then, the company has grown to become a major player in the aerial work platform and work at height equipment industry.