29 March 2022FE Training obtains Qualiopi certification

France Elévateur’s training center obtains Qualiopi certification, the key to training

France Elévateur has been audited by a certifying body in recent months. Through our FE Training division, we finally obtained Qualiopi certification in February 2022. This certification attests to the quality of our training process. On the other hand, it makes this same process compliant with the requirements of the French Register of Professional Certifications (RNCQ)

With its know-how, the FE Training division has been providing various training courses in the field of aerial work platforms since 2016. In addition, our division is a partner of many companies and municipalities that want to improve the safety and performance of their employees. Moreover, our trainers travel in France but also in many European and non-European countries. Customers and distributors are the main targets of our training offer.

Also, this certification has an effective duration of 3 years. It will allow our FE Training division to perpetuate its training activity over the long term and to invest in new markets. In the future, FE Training will also continue to place great importance on customer satisfaction and the diversification of its training courses.

Focus on the training provided by FE Training

Training in the safe use of your lifting equipment

Training in the use of a MEWP.
Emergency maneuvers and troubleshooting Acquire the right reflexes in case of an emergency situation and know how to fold the basket in case of failure.

Regulated training

AIPR — authorization for any intervention next to networks
Electrical clearance – Perform electrical operations in compliance with the NFC 18-510 standard.
PAL card– User license for MEWPs recognized in France and internationally.
FACES – Safety Driving Authorization training on MEWPs / auxiliary loading cranes.

Maintenance training

Maintenance level 1 / level 2

Master the checkpoints and the basic principles for the maintenance of your equipment.


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