29 June 2022FE Group’s new products at the JDL 2022

France Elévateur was in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, in Beaune to be precise, on June 22, 23 and 24 for the 2022 edition of the JDL exposition.

We have faithfully participated in the JDL since its inception and as a designer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, we are committed to being present each year to showcase our new products.

The France Elévateur, Movex and CTE ranges were present on our stand on this occasion. We had the opportunity to exhibit 8 aerial work platforms on our 400 square meters stand. Among these platforms, we could find the B18 and the ZED 20.4 of CTE on Iveco Daily, the ATL 15 Piaggio and the ATL 15 Ford Ranger of Movex as well as the 162 TLE Renault Master, the 101Fp Ford Custom, the 172 CPL 4×4 Iveco Daily and the TOPY 11 Ford Transit of France Elévateur.


Focus on what’s new at the JDL

We will now take a look at the new products from France Elévateur and Movex at the JDL.

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The ATL 15 on Ford Ranger

Produced by Movex near Barcelona. This vehicle is equipped with an aerial platform that can reach a working height of 15m with a maximum outreach of 8m and therefore represents a vehicle of choice. Its compass/telescope architecture ensures a very appreciable maneuverability in the hard-to-reach extra-urban places.

In addition, the vehicle is mounted on a 4X4 LCV, which allows it to achieve performances equal to its crossing capacities for works and sites taking place in places that are difficult to access with a conventional machine.

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The ATL 15 on Piaggio Porter NP6 GPL

Produced by Movex in the same factory. Like its counterpart, this vehicle has a working height of 15m with a maximum outreach of 8m.

It is more ecological than a traditional vehicle thanks to its LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) motorization allowing it to reduce its CO² and fine particles emssion but it is also extremely compact (5.3m long for 2.2m wide).

These two factors make this machine particularly suitable for urban work, both in terms of its ability to operate in restricted work areas and its reduced CO2 emissions, enabling it to comply with current and future urban regulations.

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The 172 CPL 4X4

It is based on the concept of the 172 CPL with cab, but this version on an Iveco Daily 4×4 offers much better access to difficult terrain. The vehicle has a workshop cell that can be completely customized for any type of activity. Furthermore, the vehicle can also be equipped with numerous options adapted to each sector.

The model has a telescopic kinematics and a 140° fly jib (180° as an option) which allows a great maneuverability in dense aerial networks.

Its basket load of 265 kg allows it to accommodate 2 people with heavy equipment. Moreover, in line with France Elévateur’s commitment to the environment and the growing demand from our customers and partners for more ecological vehicles, the 4X4 172 CPL also exists in a “Green Platform” version.

In short, this Swiss Army Knife-like aerial work platform shines with its great versatility in the various sectors of aerial work activity.

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The 101Fp on Ford Custom

Proposed with a platform allowing to keep the initial loading length of the vehicle and thus to maintain a significant payload. Its performance in working height (10m) and its maximum outreach (6.20m) allow it to be in perfect adequacy with the telecom works especially since many accessories are available for the treatment of the optical fiber.

The vehicle is easy to use and has low maintenance costs. The model can also be equipped with an optional 750kg towing hook.

FE Group would like to thank all its customers and partners for visiting our stand! This edition was a success thanks to you.



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