22 June 2022Inauguration of the new AS agency in Clermont-Ferrand

France Elévateur in Clermont Ferrand

Six years ago, France Elévateur opened the doors of its agency based in Clermont Ferrand. The company’s aim, as with every opening of an after-sales service branch at the time, was to expand the existing geographical network, to get closer to its customers in France so that they could find the services they needed close to where they operate.

The value of after-sales agencies

In 2021, the time had come to provide the agency with a modern building. The latter must be in line with the modernity, quality and efficiency of the tools we use.

Our after-sales services must have all the means of mobility and projection such as repair vans and mobile technicians. We believe that our AS centres are indispensable. The material resources and spare parts are made available to users to meet all their expectations, be they qualitative, safety, ecological or social.


The Clermont Ferrand AS, which is brand new, is now a modern showcase of 1,500 square meters.. A place that now equals the quality of the other AS and the head office in Flavigny sur Moselle. Great visibility is offered to this site due to its location on the A75 motorway.

The inauguration

The opening on June 16 was an opportunity to meet and thank our loyal customers.

The numerous customers, partners and employees of the agency and the president of France Elévateur, Charles Goffin, made up an assembly of over 140 people.

The guests also had the pleasure of enjoying a lunch offered by France Élévateur in a friendly atmosphere.

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Exhibition of new products and flagship models of FE Group

  • TOPY 11
  • ATL 15 Ford Ranger Pick-Up (New)
  • 101 Fp Ford Custom (New)
  • ATL 15 Piaggio NP6 GPL (New)
  • B18
  • ZED 20.4
  • 121 Fcce
  • 091 Fcce

The product sheets can be accessed by clicking on the links above.

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