18 March 2022ENEDIS calls on France Elévateur

For 30 years, France Elévateur has been creating vehicles specially designed for work at height. These are mainly carried out by Enedis on the French electricity networks.

Enedis is the operator of the public electricity distribution network in 95% of mainland France. Its mission is to manage the electricity distribution system fairly. For this, Enedis carries out various technical interventions such as connections or repairs. Therefore, outdoor missions require the use of specific equipment that allows to reach electrical networks nestled at height.

Since 1990…

France Elévateur has been supplying aerial work platform vehicles to EDF since the 1990s. For 30 years, we have been committed to developing tailor-made equipment that responds to the problems encountered in the field by Enedis’ teams. A true French leader in the field of electrical networks. We are proud to collaborate with this beautiful French company.

Our missions

The boom elevators created for this category of trade must take into account the following problems: to move easily in rural or urban areas. Moreover, to be flexible in order to handle all the missions related toelectrical networks.

The maintenance or deployment of low and medium voltage overhead lines takes place on construction sites. Thus, their particularities establish the specifications of the machines that we propose to Enedis. We take into account the tools, the loads to be transported as well as the performances in height and offset necessary to these works.

Finally, these machines are generally very robust. They allow heavy precision work to be carried out on all types of terrain and in all weather conditions.

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