23 March 2022Why choose an ecological working platform ?

Taking care of the environment that surrounds us is not incompatible with our industrial activity: choosing an ecological working platform is the proof. France Elévateur is developing its electric vehicle offer, discover its advantages.

The implementation of solutions to limit the production of greenhouse gases has been in the mind of France Elévateur since the year 2000. n fact, it was at this time that we instituted the“green aerial work platform” labelin the lift vehicle market. In addition, the company takes many other measures to preserve the environment for the general welfare.

Ecological machines with multiple advantages

The technical solutions offered on our green machines help to reduce the carbon footprint when working at height. In addition, the sound reduction is also remarkable. These elements contribute to the goodwill towards operators and residents.

France Elévateur's electric vehicle.

100% ecological

Until recently, only the aerial platform received this green energy, now vehicle manufacturers offer electric, gas or hybrid vehicles whose technical characteristics allow us to extend our 100% ecological proposal. Our first realization – 091Fe – operates in the streets of Paris since the COP21.

This technology represents the future and has become an obligation through the requirement of our principals for the realization of work in urban areas and eventually in rural areas. Choosing an electric vehicle is a perfectly viable choice for the future!

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