17 March 2022Ecology: our actions in favor of the environment

“Let’s be green” becomes the internal motto of France Elévateur. If we are not yet irreproachable, we are putting in place various actions to improve our working environment in favor of ecology… And therefore of our well-being.

Our industry is becoming “cleaner” at all levels. Whether it is the supply of electric vehicles or internal operating measures. Several changes have been made in favor of ecology.

Plastic cups are not allowed

There are no small gestures to preserve our planet! Since January 1st, the EU has taken the right decision to ban plastic cups. The opportunity for France Elévateur to create individualized cups (and of course reusable at will) for each member of the company.


Inside and outside our premises, we have replaced all neon lights with LED lights. These are in line with the future EU standard. The 3540sqm of the France Elévateur parking lot has a more ecological and sustainable lighting.

Waste sorting

In partnership with the company SEVIA we recycle our hydraulic oils. The latter recovers used oils from our sites to clean them and make them into a product that we can reuse. The procedure involves repeatedly filtering the oils to clean them of unsuitable particles. The product is then reconditioned for applications that require absolute oil purity. SEVIA has chosen to recycle instead of burning the oil.

Long live the electric

We manufacture electric vehicles with a green jib for our customers. This environmentally friendly product is definitely one to consider for the future. Beyond that, we use electric technology ourselves to improve the daily life of the company: we have an electric vehicle for our short trips and our old gas forklifts have been replaced by electric ones.

These eco-responsible steps are a first step to help us reduce our waste. These new actions are the key to integrating environmental concerns into our business by taking care of our workplace. They should not be overlooked. Let’s act for the ecology.

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