28 March 2022The factory expands: construction of a modular building

An excellent news to announce. Our factory in Flavigny sur Moselle, which is already running at full capacity, is expanding. How do we do it? By setting up an incredible modular building of 1800 m2.

New modular building: the objectives

The aerial work platform sector is growing and expanding every year. This has increased the demand for these products. Professionals in various industries do need to purchase or lease these types of vehicles. Thanks to this huge building, we intend to achieve two goals in this direction:
  • double the production capacity of the production line for 12 m vans and thus produce six machines per day
  • operate two parallel manufacturing lines in the current FE3 building to produce six machines per day

The internal organization of the building

At France Élévateur, our teams have thought about the best way to organize the manufacturing of aerial work platforms. Taking into account the extra space we have, here is how we have thought and optimized the organization inside the building. One half of the building will be dedicated to the manufacture of the telescopic arms; the other half will be used for electrical installations and finishing.
The aerial work platform sector is growing and developing… And so is the FE Group! To always better respond to your requests and needs.
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