Our training coursesTraining in emergency manoeuvres and troubleshooting of MEWPs

Practical information




  • Définir les caractéristiques générales, consignes de sécurité des PEMP, réagir en cas d’alerte et appliquer les manoeuvres de secours et de dépannage


Half a day




1 year

Pre-requisites & conditions


Be recognised as fit by the occupational medicine and be over 18 years of age

Maximum number of participants

8maximum people

Terms of access

Access to our training courses can be initiated either by the employer, or at the employee's initiative with the latter's agreement, or at the employee's own initiative. The modalities of access to the training site will be sent to you by e-mail

Access times

Registrations must be made at least one week before the start of training. Contact our assistant: +33 3 83 23 31 32 or fe-training@fe-group.com

Internal rules of procedure

Programme of the training

Created: 07/06/2022

Updated: 28/06/2022


  • Documentary awareness
  • Reminder of the checks to be carried out
  • Platform driving positions
  • Reading the work curve
  • Emergency / Troubleshooting Mode
  • Reminder on stabilization and placement rules
  • Reminder on signage


  • Control of bearer documents
  • Control of AWP documents
  • Control of the basket
  • Description of the operation of the emergency equipment
  • Practical exercise in rescue mode [ Activation of rescue mode ].
  • Description of the operation of the manual troubleshooting devices
  • Practical re-deployment manoeuvres exercise in manual troubleshooting mode

At the end of this training course you will be able to :

  • To enable the employer to comply with the Labour Code, which requires that training in the operation of self-propelled mobile work equipment and lifting work equipment be completed and updated as necessary. (Article. R4323-55 of the French Labour Code).
  • Acquire the automatisms in case of an emergency situation such as bringing the basket to the ground in less than two minutes in case of a heart attack at height, in order to assign first aid gestures.
  • Apply re-deployment manoeuvres of the AWP in the event of a total loss of power, malfunction.
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Number of people trained:

1200 personnes

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