24 March 2022TOPY 11: “Back in the race!”

The TOPY, already a popular model because of its robustness, its reliability and its attractive price, comes back in force with even more assets! You will know everything about the TOPY 11 after reading this article. Go !

The TOPY 11 is practical, safe and aesthetic

Look at its modern look, the TOPY 11 adapts to its time. We don’t compromise on design, which is a reflection of its performance.


Thanks to technical evolutions, this micro aerial work plaform, created in 1998, has been declined in more than 2 000 machines, for always more safety and profitability. Today, it is back with state-of-the-art optimizations.

– Secure aerial work platform access

– Storage box fitted on a large aluminum tray

– New optimized turret integrating the entire control system

– Completely redesigned top and bottom control stations.

The TOPY 11 is ultra compact. Thanks to its road length of 5.90 m, you can drive in the city center or in steep areas without any problem. Its road height of 2.70 m will also allow you to pass under almost any bridge.

In terms of practicality, it is not to be outdone. Indeed, the TOPY 11 is very quick to set up because it is used without a stabilizer and yet works on steep slopes and inclines! Maintenance is made easier thanks to the centralization of technical components, which also improves reliability.

It will be easy to load your equipment in the trunks: you will have access to a 650 kg payload.


High performance, low price


Performance and reliability are the dominant and essential qualities of the TOPY 11, always for a minimalist budget. For a better efficiency, we have over-equipped the aerial work platform, which enjoys a perfect ergonomics and the comfort of the FORD TRANSIT TREND carrier of 130 hp.

Its technical characteristics are ideal for TELECOM work and the like.

– Working height 11 m

– Offset 6 m

– Bucket load 120 kg/person

– Hydraulic power by electro-pump unit powered by two reinforced batteries (FORD option)

– Towing capacity 2.00 tons

The standard equipment you will have access to are the carrier and its basket, a basket with total opening. But also signaling devices (triflash/gyro/class I beaconing) and an engine start stop in the basket.

Many options are available. According to your needs, choose this micro aerial work platform with adapted options:

– Arm/turret insulation

– Emergency electric pump

– Auxiliary battery

– Sidewalls

– Trunks

– Ladder holder

– Cone holder

– Backup camera

– Panel holder

– Toolbox in basket

– Work light

– Gyroflash under the basket

– Towing hook

Despite its mini price, the TOPY 11 is a machine whose performance and reliability are optimal. For professionals who need an aerial work plaform that adapts easily to its environment, here’s what you need to stay in the game too!

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