25 March 2022Movex, already one year in the FE Group

Movex, the Spanish leader in aerial work platforms

It’s already been a year since Movex joined the ranks of the FE Group, that was in March 2021. Founded in 1960, the Catalan manufacturer is the market leader in aerial work platforms in Spain. The company is renowned for its know-how, the quality of its products and the competitiveness of its production site. In addition, the company designs and manufactures over 400 elevators each year. The integration of Movex within the FE Group demonstrates our ambition and our desire to be one of the players in the consolidation of an industry at the heart of the societal and technical changes of the decades to come.


FE Group expands at high speed with the acquisition of Movex

At the beginning of 2022, the FE group consists of more than 500 employees in 4 European countries. The FE group headquarters in Flavigny-sur-Moselle alone employs nearly 350 people. In addition, there are almost 100 employees working in 11 French after-sales service agencies spread throughout the country. Furthermore, there are about 50 Movex employees working at the production plant in Barcelona and the after-sales service office in Madrid Finally, about 15 employees are located in our subsidiaries FE Benelux and FE Deutschland. Movex and France Elévateur’s design teams work together to offer ever more sophisticated products.

Thanks to recent investments in infrastructure, research and development but also to the arrival of new employees. The FE Group now produces over 1600 machines per year. This number is growing strongly year after year and has increased again with the integration of Movex and its annual production of more than 400 aerial work platforms.

Movex and France Elévateur have also jointly participated in various fairs and events during 2021, including the JDL in France, the GIS in Italy and the Smopyc in Spain.

The FE Group’s range of elevators continues to grow with the introduction of vehicles produced by Movex.

You can find the technical data sheets of these new vehicles by clicking on the following links:



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