25 March 2022Inauguration of the Salon de Provence agency

The inauguration of the Salon de Provence agency took place on Thursday 23 September. It was an opportunity to celebrate the relationship between France Elevator and its customers and partners. The opening followed renovations undertaken between 2020 and 2021 to modernize the site. Find in this article the complete interviews of Christian Isotton, director of the after-sales service agencies and Pascal Mène, sales director, about the agency of Salon de Provence and what this modernization means for the company.

An exhibition of the FE Group’s flagship models

Numerous vehicles were on display for the inauguration:

  • Topy 11 on Ford Transit (chassis cab with telescopic arm)
  • TLR 16 on Iveco Daily (chassis cab with telescopic arm)
  • 182 CPM on Renault D12 (chassis cab with workshop cell – telescopic arm with pendulum)
  • 121 Ft on Renault Master (van with telescopic arm)
  • 121 FT on Mercedes Sprinter (van with telescopic arm)
  • Z20 on Iveco Daily (chassis cab with articulated arm)
  • B18on Iveco Daily (chassis cab with telescopic arm)
  • 121 FTCC on Renault Master (cutaway van with telescopic arm)

More than 90 participants came to visit the refurbished site and enjoyed the exhibition.

The agency of Salon de Provence

Created in April 2013 as an after-sales agency, it joined other branches of France Elevator of France. These agencies allow the company to be close to its customers everywhere in France; in this case, close to the users of the south of France in the Bouches du Rhône for the agency of Salon de Provence. On each site, itinerant technicians carry out maintenance on the users’ premises thanks to workshop vans.

The year 2021 was marked for the agency by renovation work. A new lease of life has been given to the premises which now allow us to welcome our clients in optimal conditions. The renovated branch also allows the implementation of daily maintenance and repair work.

Interview of Christian Isotton

The director of the after-sales agencies tells us:

“For the record, France Elévateur wanted to have its own after-sales network more than 10 years ago. The technical nature of the construction of a nacelle, with the integration of computers and control interfaces with the increasingly complex and multiple road carrier, could no longer rely solely on a network of independent and generalist subcontractors.

It is thus in this logic that the workshop of Salon de Provence was constituted in the maintenance workshop of the company Régis Location. With abnegation, the technical team was built under the impulse and the accompaniment of Eric Manigand then Frédéric Aymard, head of the agency in place and at the maneuver. The inauguration on September 23 illustrates the commitment of each technician and manager to the future. The renovated premises allow us to welcome our employees as well as our customers in a sober but qualitative environment accompanying the cycles of the working day. It is also a maintenance tool allowing the engagement of daily maintenance and repair worksites; as well as other heavier worksites such as the transplantation of AWPs on vehicles after accidents.

The commercial dynamic instilled by Eric Pujola calls for the service dynamic in its wake. The Salon de Provence team has been reinforced by Noémie Praneuf, administrative assistant, and Belkacem Mohand, assistant to the agency manager. The inauguration, an opportunity to meet and share knowledge, augurs, in unison with the company, the best to be built in a set of shared interests for the customers and France Elévateur.

Inauguration of the Salon de Provence agency

Interview of Pascal Mène

Pascal Mène, Sales Director, explains:

“It is essential for our commercial development to efficiently cover the territory with after-sales service agencies that allow us to be as close as possible to our customers as well as to have a base for the commercial of the sector. The opening of the Salon de Provence branch in 2013 and the arrival of Eric Pujola (South-East sales manager) in 2017 are part of this dynamic. It is important to specify that each site incorporates one or several itinerant technicians with workshop vans allowing to carry out the contracts of maintenance, periodical validation at the user. The inauguration is an opportunity to meet with our clients and prospects in order to present the agency, the people, and to have a good time over lunch and several models from the range.

Interior premises of the Salon de Provence agency of France Elévateur

The quality of the premises of France Elevator agencies must go hand in hand with the quality of the services offered. From now on, the Salon de Provence agency meets all the criteria; it can welcome its customers in optimal conditions and thus meet their expectations perfectly.

As a reminder, France Elevator in 2021 is :

  • the 1st manufacturer of aerial work platforms
  • 11 agencies in France
  • multiple sites in Europe
  • international development with the acquisition of Movex
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