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End-to-end support

Our 300 employees are on hand to advise you at all stages of procuring a vehicle with a mobile elevating work platform. Each stage is different and important : research, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, delivery and commissioning, training and on-site maintenance are managed by France Elévateur working alongside you.

This comprehensive support allows us to manage the entire chain.

Our approach

Your commercial contact knows the process perfectly and ensures your needs are clearly identified and followed up every step of the way, from manufacture through to delivery.

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1 - Research

Our research department and engineering office, made up of 25 specialists, including two who have PhDs, is on hand to learn your needs and implement them. It undertakes prospective market analysis in order to devise the mobile elevating work platform of tomorrow.
A significant part of the budget of our research department and engineering office is allocated to R&D, whose work has been rewarded through the registration of numerous patents.

2 - Design

Each model and each of its structural, control system and energy-management components are designed by our teams under the leadership of the head of the respective department. Mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and electricity are all technologies used on our machines.

3 - Assembly

The assembly of the machines is done in our workshops in Flavigny-sur-Moselle and each area of activity is managed by a dedicated team. We prioritise French-made products and short supply chains as much as possible. Therefore, for example, our booms are fully assembled in our factory.

4 - Train

Our training department “FE TRAINING” offers a range of training courses related to the operation of our machines. They are dedicated to end users but also to the fleet manager:
– Maintenance training
– Licence to use height-access equipment (PAL by IPAF).
– Refresher training on use in emergency operations

5 - Support

11 after-sales agencies, staffed by more than 80 people and equipped with 20 call-out vehicles, cover all of France with a set-up which means that our customers are less than 200 km from technical support within two hours. They provide conventional maintenance, repairs and the mandatory biannual inspection of lifting devices.

Our distributors ABC EQUIPEMENT, based in Reunion Island, and POLY DIESEL in French Polynesia have been providing the same quality service for more than 20 years.

Quality one step closer to

Our customers' requirements are constantly changing. Therefore, in order to always respond positively to this change and to maintain its image as a major player in the design and manufacture of mobile elevating work platforms, France Elévateur must continually improve the quality of its products and services.

As a result, our suppliers are part of a continuous improvement process that aims to supply products that comply 100% with requirements.

France Elévateur provides quality in all processes, from the receipt of its components to the delivery of the finished product.

Before each delivery, all our machines are weighed and undergo static and dynamic operating tests combined with more than a hundred control points, guaranteeing our customers a vehicle that complies in all respects with their expectations and with regulations.

Certified to the latest version of the international quality standard ISO 9001, France Elévateur has decided to extend this certification in 2019 to all its after-sales centres demonstrating its commitment to service and customer satisfaction.

As the safety of our machines depends on the assembly of our booms, France Elévateur has chosen to retain this activity, which is a real strength and a showcase of French know-how.

Our quality controllers believe that the quality of today is not sufficient for that of tomorrow! The quality control department doubled its workforce in 2019.